Forging Long-Term Partnerships

Leaner And More Agile High-Performing Teams

Aligning Your Business Needs With Modern Technology

Helping You Reach Peak Performance

Echelon Consulting is...


A full-service, full lifecycle application development and application strategy house.


A firm that understands people, process and technology.


An ethical firm that forges long-term partnerships with our clients.


A seasoned team of full-time software engineers based in Chicago, with competencies that span a wide range of technologies and platforms, including mobile.


A professional support team that offers 24x7x365 support.

People Focused

A firm that puts people at the forefront of our business.

Custom application development and strategy consulting since 1997...

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Working with our clients every step of the way...

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Software Made in Chicago

That's right, we build software for our clients right out of our Chicago offices. Yes, like many other firms, we do have India offices, but we take a very different approach and it is not a typical outsourcing setup. Instead, we seek to win business in India for India. In addition to that, we do offer overnight support for the hours that our Chicago folks are at home getting their beauty rest. Put another way, when it comes to job creation, we are a firm that attempts to be socially responsible in whichever countries we open offices.

Putting people at the forefront of our business...

What if you could make a difference...

Doing what you love..

Every day?

Our Core Values


We care for humanity and put people at the forefront of our business.


We are builders, tinkerers and creators of highly innovative solutions.

Global Responsibility

We care for the world we live in economically, socially and technologically.


We are committed to continuous culture enhancement and organizational development.


Transparency is at the foundation of all our interactions and is the seed that grows our partnerships.

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